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About us

Welcome to BAATA - the largest and the most modern shopping center in Liepaja. Total area of BAATA is ​​8000m2. Shopping center has called after the water source “Baata". The traditional Latvian folk elements are used for the floor design. You will see that different colour tiles make a spectacular national folk elements. The central light system also is quite impressive. Architecture and interior is designed by the company "8 AM". The construction started at the end of 2007. BAATA opened in April 30, 2009.

BAATA has more than 30 shops, different service providers and the restaurant Olive. A wide range of food products provide the grocery store Mego.

The Center has the advantage of location - there is the entrance to the beach, tram line, the main Klaipeda street which turns into Klaipeda highway. BAATA visitors are provided with free WiFi, wide parking space and safe bicycle locks.

BAATA visitors definitely benefit from the different kinds of cultural activities for a different groups of ages. Throughout these 9 years, the shopping center has become one of the favourite spot for Liepaja inhabitants where to spend their spare time.